Apr 072016
One of our favorite pets is the often-overlooked English budgie. Their friendly, curious nature and small size make them an ideal starter pet for your kids. 
What IS an English budgie?
There are actually two types of budgerigars: American budgies, commonly called parakeets, and English, or show, budgies. They were bred to be a little larger in the body with more feathers around their face and head. They have great personalities and are easy to train and socialize.
While they are quieter than other parrots, they do have their own voice and can be quite chatty and vocal. Males tend to be more talkative while females can be more playful.
Diet: Seeds should form a tiny part of a bird’s diet. They make ideal treats to use when teaching them tricks. Pellets, like Zupreem, are a lot healthier, since each bite contains the same nutrients as the others, but again should form just one part of a well rounded diet. Fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables, need to make up a large part of their meals. Cereals, breads, pasta and rice can occasionally be offered – have fun with their food, and offer them most things that you eat. For a more complete list, including what not to offer them, check out our care sheet here.
These little guys love to play and can use every inch of their cage, so pick the largest you have the room and the budget for – a be sure to fill it with toys. Avoid reflective items and mirrors, as they tend to bond with the “other” bird than they do with you. Give them things to shred and tear up; check out our selection of bird and small animal toys to keep them busy (items like Ware’s sea grass twists and chew balls actually make fantastic bird toys). A play gym is the perfect way to let them play while you’re watching a movie or having family time.

Stop by and meet our English budgies. We’ve hand fed them so they’re extra sweet and easy to train!

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