Mar 122012

Build and maintain a beautiful aquatic environment with this aquarium kit. The Penguin® BioWheel power filter helps keep your aquarium water pure and healthy.

This Marineland® Bio-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit gives you what you need to create a beautiful aquatic environment. Ideal for small species of freshwater fish, this aquarium features an elegant glass construction that’s easy to clean and an LED lighting system that produces dazzling underwater light.

  • Penguin BioWheel power filter provides superior biological filtration for clean, clear aquarium water
  • LED lighting system produces shimmering light to mimic the underwater effect of sunlight and moonlight
  • Includes a Rite-Size™ A filter cartridge, Submersible heater, thermometer, TetraMin® Tropical Flake Food Sample, AquaSafe® Water Conditioner Sample and an aquarium set-up guide

LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 10 gal              $59.99
LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 20 gal              $94.99
LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 29 gal             $119.99
LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 55 gal             $145.99


Expires April 12th, 2012

Jan 252012

Every Wednesday

when you buy one fish you

 get one free!

This makes Wednesday the perfect day to add to your tank. It’s especially great for schooling fish; get you school half off!

Is your tank ready for new fish? Bring us a sample of your aquarium water (about half a cup) and we’ll test it for free!

Need some help with your tank? Check out our aquarium care sheets or stop by to talk with our trained staff.

We’re here to answer all your questions, and make sure you save time and money and get the most out of your tank.

No limit and no coupon needed
fish of equal or lessor value is free.


Dec 142011

This December, when you purchase any aquarium,

10 gallons or larger,



you will save 20% on everything that goes in it!


This includes gravel, filters, heaters, decorations, plants, even food!

Check out our care sheets on aquarium maintenance, feeding, and so much more.

Valid until December 31st, 2011, excludes sale items.

Nov 052011

New Product: Tetra Glofish Aquarium Kits

A GloFish Aquarium Kit is a truly unique aquarium. GloFish are genetically modified Danio fish that absorb light and reemit it, creating a dazzling, beautiful glowing effect. Each Tetra GloFish Aquarium Kit includes blue LED’s ideal for attaining this glow.

· Seamless aquarium
· Black aquarium background
· Air powered 3i Whisper Power filter with small biobag
· Energy efficient LED lighting
· Low voltage power adapter
· Black base with a drawer for storage
· Clear Cover

Great for GloFish, Danios and Bettas!

Glofish 1.5 gallon aquarium kit
Intro price: $34.99
Glofish 3 gallon aquarium kit
Intro price: $49.99


Special: Fluval Edge Aquarium

This stunning aquarium now comes with bright LED lighting with nocturnal blue lights, and
includes the powerful EDGE filter. Available in 6 gallons and the new 12 gallon tank.

You must check these aquariums out!

Fluval Edge 6 gallon with halogen lighting
Now reduced to $99.99

Fluval Edge 6 gallon with LED lighting
On sale  $129.99

Fluval Edge 12 gallon with LED lighting
On sale  $159.99


Expires December 1, 2011 — No coupon needed to get sale price