Cat foods


Here at WPC we take great pride in stocking only the best cat foods available. We are always on the lookout for foods that fit our criteria for great foods:

  • No corn, wheat, soy, or other high glycemic fillers.
  • No added sugars and unnecessary sodium.
  • No chemicals preservatives or coloring
  • No meat by-products
  • No re-rendered or inferior ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA or Canada with the highest standards and
  • Locally resourced ingredients.

Now all of our foods are part of our frequent buyer program! It’s all automatically tracked by our system, so there is no need to cut out UPCs or save receipts.

Check it out here for rules and how many you need to purchase to get your free food!

Having trouble finding the right food? Worried about transitioning to a different food? Come in, let’s talk. We stock over 20 different brands and can help you find the perfect pet food that fits your budget. Our prices are competitive and, with our customer appreciation rewards and frequent buyer cards, our prices are the lowest around.

Don’t worry if your new food doesn’t agree with you or your pet! 

It’s 100% guaranteed, even if you have already opened and fed half the bag!

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Fussie cat

Fussie Cat

Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals




Open Farm

Open Farm




Frozen and freeze dried

Small Batch

Stella & Chewy’s:

Frozen Raw diet
Freeze Dried diet

Taste of the Wild


Complete Health



Best Feline Friends
Cats in the Kitchen
Slide & Serve

Don’t see your favorite food? Give us a call; we love special requests.

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Last updated: 10/19/21