Aug 242022

From the south side of Chicago . . . “Hi! Kelly here. I’m a grey tabby boy with classic good looks, and I’m probably not full grown yet. Like most cats, I’m shy in new situations, but once I’m comfortable, I’m a great kitty. Yes, I love to chase mousies and wand toys. I like […]

Jul 132022
ORIJEN Wet Cat Food is Here!

New ORIJEN® Premium Wet Cat Food is packed with 95% nourishing animal ingredients, and topped with succulent shreds of meat, poultry or fish. Feed your cat the amazing pâté they crave. Order online for our free local home delivery!

Jun 292022
Meet Figaro & Dice

our newest fosters from Community Animal Rescue Effort – CARE – as Cute as Can Be! “We are bonded kitten brothers who do everything together! We are affectionate and will cuddle in your lap. Figaro is the ringleader, and Dice takes his lead from him. We love all sorts of toys, including tunnels, carboard boxes […]

Jun 212022
Meet Sharktooth, our newest foster from One Tail at a Time!

Likes: Sharktooth loves treats, free roaming, and playing enrichment games! Dislikes: When mom makes him look uncool in front of his friends   Bio: Sharktooth is the perfect first rabbit! He’s super chill and loves to lounge outside of his pen while I work from home. He’s memorized the sound of me opening the treat […]

Jun 092022
Adorable and sweet hand raised hamsters

Hand raised hamsters are some of the sweetest animals around and because they are easy to care for, they make great first time pets.   And now, when you buy your new hamster cage, you’ll get the hamster for free!   Read more about their care here, then stop by and talk to our experienced […]