May 162013
The trees are greening out and we’re all shaking off those winter blues. And we’re also noticing the results of letting the dogs go in the back yard all winter: nasty, yellow burn spots. Lawn burn results from the pH and high nitrogen in your dog’s urine. Severe spots may need to be dug up and replanted. The best way to avoid all that work is to prevent them in the first place! Out top products are:


GrassSaver Tablets – GrassSaver is a healthy, tasty food supplement for dogs to help prevent yellow burn marks on your lawn. This unique formula contains a synergistic combination of B-Complex vitamins and amino acids. You can read more on their website here.
Dog Rocks
They’re back!
Dog Rocks  These 100% natural Australian product filter out impurities such as tin, ammonia, and nitrates. These impurities are usually passed out through urine, and when grass comes in contact with these elements it results in those nasty burn marks. Find out more here.


With very little work, you can make sure your lawn stays lush and green all year long!