Jul 132022
They’re our newest fosters from Community Animal Rescue Effort – CARE!
“We live up to the reputation of orange kitties being super sweet and affectionate. You’ll have a hard time telling us apart until you get to know us. That is why King wears a black Velcro collar. King can get a little mouthy when petted, so he’ll need to work on his manners. Mango is always on the go until he just stops, drops and falls asleep! We like to be cuddled but Mango really prefers to play. We do like to do most everything together, eat, sleep, play, you get the idea. Everyone needs more orange in their life, right??”
These bonded kittens (3-1/2 months old) must be adopted together
Adoption Information:
Children: Yes, older children, cat experienced
Cats: Yes, with proper introduction; adoption counselors will advise
Dogs: With proper introduction
King & Mango are microchipped, neutered, and have had veterinary exams and vaccines. The Adoption Fee of $200 for the pair includes all vaccines, microchips and spay/neuter surgeries. Their medical history is on file in the store. (They will need one more vaccine in July)
If you are interested in adopting them, please submit the online adoption survey: www.carenorthshore.org/cat-adoption-survey.

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