Nov 052011

New Product: Tetra Glofish Aquarium Kits

A GloFish Aquarium Kit is a truly unique aquarium. GloFish are genetically modified Danio fish that absorb light and reemit it, creating a dazzling, beautiful glowing effect. Each Tetra GloFish Aquarium Kit includes blue LED’s ideal for attaining this glow.

· Seamless aquarium
· Black aquarium background
· Air powered 3i Whisper Power filter with small biobag
· Energy efficient LED lighting
· Low voltage power adapter
· Black base with a drawer for storage
· Clear Cover

Great for GloFish, Danios and Bettas!

Glofish 1.5 gallon aquarium kit
Intro price: $34.99
Glofish 3 gallon aquarium kit
Intro price: $49.99


Special: Fluval Edge Aquarium

This stunning aquarium now comes with bright LED lighting with nocturnal blue lights, and
includes the powerful EDGE filter. Available in 6 gallons and the new 12 gallon tank.

You must check these aquariums out!

Fluval Edge 6 gallon with halogen lighting
Now reduced to $99.99

Fluval Edge 6 gallon with LED lighting
On sale  $129.99

Fluval Edge 12 gallon with LED lighting
On sale  $159.99


Expires December 1, 2011 — No coupon needed to get sale price

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