Dec 012020

Our friends over at Canine Compassion Association are looking for help to rescue and adopt cats and dogs!

URGENTLY needed:

  • Dog food—both kibble and canned food
  • Cat food—both kibble and canned food
  • Cash donations to buy dog and cat food!
  • Front Line or other flea/tick prevention

Also needed:

  • Sturdy toys
  • Compressed rawhide or other chew bones
  • Collars—size medium and medium large
  • Winter coats—size medium and large
  • Dog treats


Donations can be dropped off here at our store.

Some fun facts:
– Even a $5.00 donation goes a long ways!
– the shelter is all-volunteer, with no paid employees.
– The co-founder pays for most things out of her own pocket.
– The local vet clinics no longer give a rescue discount so rescue pays full cost for all spays, neuters etc.
– In spite of the name, they rescue both dogs and cats!
Canine Compassion Association is a nonprofit animal welfare group in Mountain Grove, MO. Its shelter facility is located in Mansfield, MO and its adoption branch is in Evanston, IL.
May 032019

If anyone has access to paper shreds we could use them for Adopt-A-Pet dogs and cats fostered at Wilmette Pet Center!


Do you shred your personal mail at home?    Does your school or business shred documents?


You may have heard that Wilmette Pet Center does not sell puppies and kittens. Wilmette Pet Center devotes their entire cage space, staff and resources to shelter dogs and cats – effectively becoming a satellite adoption center for organizations such as Adopt-A-Pet.

Wilmette Pet Center averages 10 rescued dogs and cats weekly and paper shreds keep them safe clean, and warm!


Donated paper shreds allow us to continue to offer our support for homeless cats and dogs, and are a valuable resource that allow us to do so.

We would appreciate any shredded material that you can donate that:

  • does not contain staples or other non-digestible debris
  • is not newspaper, as the print comes off and dirties the cages and animals
  • long single cut strands are preferred, cross-cut is acceptable.

Please pass this along to anyone you may know that can help!

Don’t throw it away!

Recycle Paper and Pets by bringing paper shreds to Wilmette Pet Center – Your Adopt-A-Pet Center!

625 Green Bay Rd., Wilmette, IL

Call 847-251-6750 for store hours and more info.


Thank you!

David Cozzolino