Oct 072020

Raw diets are gaining in popularity for cats and dogs, and for good reason. Since that is the diet they evolved to eat, it makes sense. But a lot of people find find making their own raw diets to be too time consuming and difficult to balance properly.

That is where Stella & Chewy’s steps in! Their convenient frozen and freeze dried diets and treats are the BEST way to give your pet the nutrition they need, in a simple and easy way. With several styles of foods and various proteins, you’ll find something your pet will love!

And until October 31st, everything from Stella & Chewy’s is on sale, from kibble and wet diets to freeze dried foods, from frozen to treats! They are all available for in store pickup or free home delivery – just order on www.wilmettepet.store.

New Wholesome Grains!Alternate text

The new Wholesome grain line delivers a wholesome balance of human grade meats, low-glycemic whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and is available in both the Raw Blended and the Raw Coated lines.

Save big on all dry dog foods – including the new Wholesome Grain line!

Save $5 off 3.5 lb bags,

Save $10 off 10 lb and 22 lb bags!


And we haven’t forgotten about our feline friends!

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Super premium, high-protein, grain-free kibble solutions that are carefully coated with our irresistible freeze-dried raw to fuel your cat’s wild side. Recipes include responsibly sourced proteins, guaranteed probiotics for optimal digestion, and are rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. See all the flavors here.

We’re taking $2.50 off 2.5 lb bags and $5.00 off of 5 lb bags of all Stella & Chewy’s cat kibble diets!


Save on all Stella & Chewy’s wet cat and dog foods!

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Alternate textCanned cat: regularly $2.69, on sale for $2.19            Shop online

Canned dog regularly $3.49 on sale for $2.99            Shop Now

Alternate textGet $3 off the regular price of ALL freeze dried diets for both cats and dogsincluding the new Magical Dinner Dust!

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Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Dust is a perfect topper to sprinkle on dog food for picky pets. Made with the highest quality ingredients, it’ll make mealtime more exciting and tempting!

There are three exciting new lines of high quality freeze dried treats from Stella & Chewy’s!

Alternate textWe’re thrilled to introduce a brand new treat line that’s the first of its kind for Stella & Chewy’s: soft and chewy training treats! With bacon as the #1 ingredient, your dog is sure to love our Crav’n Bac’n Bites.

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Hemp Oil Supplement Chews are 100% THC-free and crafted with just the right ingredients to help your dog thrive. Each broad spectrum chew contains 3mg CBD and is water soluble for maximum absorption. We use carefully selected and responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure a safe product to offer natural relief.

Alternate textStella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Single Ingredient treats offer a high-value, high protein, bite sized treat that packs the power of raw nutrition in an allergy friendly treat. Made with grass-fed beef and lamb, and cage-free chicken with no antibiotics or added hormones. These formulas are made with the highest quality ingredients with no fillers or preservatives so you dog will get only the good stuff.

And now get $2.00 off all treats by Stella & Chewy’s, including  these new recipes and the customer favoriteWIld Weenies!

Sales prices are good until 10/31/20, are available both online and instore, and cannot be combined with any other offers.

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We’re offering free in-store pickup or free delivery for any order over $20. Check it out!