Dec 192018

Great tasting treats are perfect for both socializing and training your pet. Stuff their stockings with the best we have to offer!

From hamsters and rats to guinea pigs and rabbits, our small animals can always use more things to chew on. Chewing is vital for them to help control the length of their teeth and prevent health problems. From a wide range of fun Ware chews to Woodland Get-A-Ways, we’ve got you covered!

Combine the best of both worlds by giving them a cozy hiding place PLUS something to chew on with the Woodland Get-a-way or the Chew-nal!

And this is the BEST time to stock up with 

Mix and match any toy, treat, or chew, from any department, and get the fourth for free!

Item of equal or lesser value will be free. No limit. 

Our pets may be small but their home should not be. Give them more space by upgrading their home to a larger enclosure,more room to roam with new Habitrail tubes, or a new safe play space outside of their cage with a playpen!​​​​​​​


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