Feb 222018

Come meet some of the smartest (and cutest!) pups around. The 8 pups were born January 1st, and have been in the same foster home since mid January, and are stopping by for a meet & greet this weekend. Their mom, the incredibly sweet, 43 pound lab mix Alma Mater, will be here too!

Here are Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, UPenn and Cornell: (Not pictured are Harvard and their mother, Alma Mater)

Bring your family in for an interview here with the Ivy League pups this Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25, from 12 to 3. Follow up interviews will be held later in the week, and placement decisions made.

Don’t wait, get your application in today! Puppies with private home schooling like these are rare, and as a result, will have a long wait-list of applications, so head over to Adopt-A-Pet’s website to fill one out now! www.adoptapet-il.org

With Adopt-A-Pet, Inc. Mt. Prospect, IL

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