Jun 212022
Meet Sharktooth, our newest foster from One Tail at a Time!

Likes: Sharktooth loves treats, free roaming, and playing enrichment games! Dislikes: When mom makes him look uncool in front of his friends   Bio: Sharktooth is the perfect first rabbit! He’s super chill and loves to lounge outside of his pen while I work from home. He’s memorized the sound of me opening the treat […]

Jan 092014
New Years specials on small animal cages

Marchioro Cages Give your pet a safe, happy, and healthy home. The Tommy K line has a large hopper feeder, pet-safe epoxy coated wire top with two access doors, and a deep, easy-to-clean plastic base that helps keep the litter inside. #82     (32″ x 20″ x 15″)    $64.99  with Rabbit Essentials kit $107.98 […]

Mar 152013
Easter and rabbits don't mix!

Rabbits are one of the predominant images associated with Easter, and many people think about presenting their young child with an Easter bunny of their very own. Yet many don’t stop to think about the reality of a pet rabbit, and, over the next few weeks, as the excitement and novelty of the new pet […]

Feb 222013
New diets and supplements for your small pet!

We spend a lot of time in our emails talking about your cat and dog’s diet. As we should; it’s an important part of your pet’s life. Today we’re going to talk about the diets of rabbits and guinea pig’s diets, and introduce a few new product to help promote overall wellness. Rabbits and guinea pigs […]

Nov 182011
Feeding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Rabbits and guinea pigs are some of the most popular pets, and for good reason: They are gentle, companionable, and easy to care for. Their diet is one of the most vital part of having a healthy and happy rabbit or guinea pig, although it can be confusing for some. Their diet has three components: […]