Aug 032018
They just flew in and their wings are tired!

Gems of the sky! Jewels of the jungle!   Green cheek conures are a favorite among both experienced and novice bird keepers due to their playful natures, small stature, temperament, and relatively low noise level (compared to their larger cousins). They are very social birds, living in large flocks in the wild, so they need to […]

Jun 282018
Reward your feathered friend

ZuPreem treats provide training and bonding moments bird owners love to share with their pets. Three formulas in two different sizes for medium and larger birds. Plus, there s only four real and recognizable foods in every Real Rewards mix.    Only four real and recognizable foods included Good for training and bonding moments with pet […]

Dec 042017
Look who just flew in (and boy are their wings tired!)

New to Wilmette Pet Center: Ringneck parakeets Indian ringnecks are considered to be some of the smartest birds, with a vocabulary that can compete with much larger parrots. They are known to be great at learning new tricks. Like many parrots, they do need frequent handling and attention to keep them tame and friendly, but […]

Apr 142016
Introducing our new AviTech supplements for birds!

We’re always on the lookout for the newest and healthiest supplements and foods, so we want to introduce you to AviTech’s line of high quality supplements and Top’s parrot food: AviBios Probiotic Supplement An avian-specific blend of Lactobacillus and related organisms promotes and maintains natural intestinal balance. Use daily for baby birds and after antibiotic treatment for […]

Apr 132016
The clowns of the bird world: sun conures!

​The sun conure is one of the more popular conures of its size due to its stunning plumage, its extraordinary disposition, and its exceptional quality as a companion bird. Sun conures are lively, vocal, and expressive friends that, with proper attention, brings a lot of joy and laughs to their owner’s lives. Personality & Behavior […]