Oct 162011

Tomato Frog: Dyscophus antongili

Adult Size
Males 3 inches, females 5 inches

Life Span
Up to 10 years

Male/Female Differences
Females are larger and brighter in color than the males.

Tomato frogs are fairly compatible and can live in small groups. Beware of mixing them with small frogs, as these will be eaten.


Humid areas located close to water, forest floors.

Day Cycle
Diurnal, working the day shift.

75 up to 85 during the day. Use a mild basking light or a small watt heat pad.

Use high quality UVA light for emotional health and to stimulate their appetite.

Tomato frogs need humidity. Provide this with a water bowl – an airstone increases the humidity – frequent misting, and moss.

Banks surrounding small stream or pond.

Gravel makes a great base for the substrate as it is not as messy as soil and provides drainage. Moss and/or coconut fibers on top of the gravel to maintain humidity. Avoid heavy soaking of the substrate.

Hiding Place/Den
Moss will offer plenty of humidity and places for them to hide. Real or artificial plants also offer plenty of hiding places.

Cage Type
20” aquariums or critter cages are ideal homes as they help hold in humidity.

Feed crickets and small mealworms. Tomato frogs will also eat small fish, worms, other frogs and even small mice.

Lightly dust crickets with a good calcium/vitamin powder just before feeding.

Diet Precautions
Gut load your crickets with high quality cricket food to prevent deficiencies in tomato frogs.

Tomato frogs eat a lot of crickets. Offer a few crickets at a time during the day.

Water Source
Provide clean water in a bowl at all times. Mist frequently to keep humidity high.

Tomato frogs need no grooming.

Oral and Foot
Care Clean the cage regularly to prevent foot and skin infections or an internal infection known as red leg.

Proper Handling
Tomato frogs are not ideal candidate for handling as our skin would both dry and irritate theirs. If you need to handle your tomato frog, wet your hands.

Habitat Maintenance
Spot clean soiled areas. Keep the water dish clean as this is a prime area for bacteria to grow.

Health Concerns
Tomato frogs are susceptible to skin lesions and bacterial infections called red leg.

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