Mar 022013

As many of you know, we are big believers in natural, holistic diets for cats and dogs. Our thought is that if you can get their diet close to what they wouldStella & Chewy's Logo eat in the wild, the healthier they are going to be in our home. (Our experience is that that are happier, too!) And what is closer to their natural diet than raw – freeze-dried or frozen? These minimally processed diets are very easy to feed, and can be used alone or as a supplement to kibble and canned diets. They are incredibly healthy, too: since they go through very little processing, they retain all their natural nutrients and enzymes. Stella & Chewey’s can be used to help encourage picky eaters and as rewards for good behavior. It makes a great way to add some variety to their diet, too.

For every one who’s already using these diets, it’s your lucky month! For those of you who’ve never tried your cat or dog on a raw/freeze dried diet, now is a great time to start! Using the in-store coupons, you can:

  • Save $2 on any freeze dried dinner,

  • Save $2 on 3 lb bags frozen dinner,

  • Save $4 on 6 lb bags frozen dinner, or

  • Buy any 4 pouches of single serve Stella & Chewey’s dinner for cats, get one FREE!

Head over to Stella & Chewey’s for more on this great food! You can also stop by and speak to any of our staff about why raw diets may be the best thing for your cat and dog.

While supplies last