Apr 012019

Check out the new guy!

This adorable little guy is a gargoyle gecko – a rather scary name for a sweet little lizard!


Gargoyle geckos were once considered very rare in the pet trade, but through careful husbandry and the efforts of dedicated hobbyists these small, adorable lizards are becoming more available.


And due to their ease of care and unique they are becoming incredibly popular. They make fantastic pets for both the novice and the advanced reptile keeper!


They originate from the New Caledonia islands (between Fiji and Australia), just like crested geckos – in fact, their care is identical! You can see their care sheet on our website here.


Stop by and find out why these little guys are so popular!

We have everything you need to set your new gecko up properly, from the right sized cage and most effective substrates to ways to keep their humidity and temperature just where they need – and we have the experience to help you succeed!