Aug 212018
Part of the fun of keeping reptiles is creating a little chunk of the jungle in your home. But some of the equipment you need to help them thrive can be bulky and unattractive. That’s why we brought in Zilla’s newest cage accessories, helping make your terrarium both attractive and healthier for its inhabitant. 
Many reptiles evolved to lap water off of leaves and plants, usually from rain and fog, so they do not see standing water as something to drink. Providing moving water can be a little difficult, until now. The Zilla Spring Cave is a brilliant way to add moving water to your cage while looking incredibly cool!
  • A sealed basin holds the water, and a fine screen on top prevents animals, debris, and crickets from getting in and fouling up the pump.
  • Water cascades over an artificial plant, keeping ambient humidity high and providing a perfect drinking spot.
  • Realistic looking mossy rock and stick perch blend beautifully into your terrarium decorations.
  • Top holds blue LEDs and a feeding dish.
  • Great for frogs, chameleons, and geckos. 
Zilla’s new Mushroom Feeding ledge puts the food up high, where many species of reptiles naturally look for food. Mimicking their natural habitat will make sure they’re eating well, and helps reduce stress. This realistic ledge holds a feeding fish, is lightweight and durable, and attaches to the terrarium wall with a powerful locking suction cup so it won’t come loose! 

Both of these would look greatwith a red eyed tree frog, or the White’s tree frog. They like to be up high, and the waterfall will help keep the high humidity they need to thrive.