Nov 052011

New Product:  Exo Terra Smart Plants

Exo Terra artificial plants are very naturalistic, ideal for a tropical terrarium. The overlapping leaves provide a protected resting place for tree frogs, geckos and other forest dwellers.

  • Ideal for tree frogs
  • Easy to integrate in any terrarium
  • Realistic succulent leaves

NEW PRODUCT! Intro prices:

  • Pandanus:    $15.99
  • Bromeliad – Large: $14.99
  • Bromeliad – Medium: $13.99
  • Bromeliad – Small: $11.99
  • Phylo: $9.99
  • Scindapsus: $8.99



Special: Exo Terra Monsoon Rainfall System

  • Automatic mister for maintaining humidity in herp habitats
  • Program rainfall unit to simplify care of reptiles and amphibians
  • Large one gallon reservoir keeps reptile habitats humid for days

Special price $119.99
Includes a free remote!

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