Oct 142021

“We were raised by humans as bottle babies, so we are very social and outgoing. Clark can be a little shy at first but he warms up quickly. We both love to get pets, and play, play, play. Our favorite toys are the laser pointer and balls with bells inside. James loves to climb and will happily take a nap on your mouse pad or computer. Clark on the other hand, likes to take naps on shelves, and he loves to rub up against whoever is nearby. We are told Clark is named for Clark Gable and James was named for James Dean. Are you looking for a couple of handsome guys to take home?” (James & Clark are neutered brothers about 4 months old; James has the white stripe on his nose; Clark has the pink nose)

Adoption Information: 

Children: Yes, cat experienced
Cats: Yes, with proper introduction (your adoption counselor will explain)
Dogs: With proper introduction

Clark and James are microchipped, neutered, and had veterinary exams and vaccines. The Adoption Fee of $200 for the pair for includes all vaccines, microchips and spay/neuter surgeries. Their medical history is on file in the store.

If you are interested in adopting James & Clark, please submit the online adoption survey: www.carenorthshore.org/cat-adoption-survey.

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