Nov 162011

The weather has changed and we’re all breaking out of our winter doldrums and getting outside! But with the heat comes some special considerations for our pets. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Walk your dog in the early morning and evening, when the temperature is cooler.
  • Provide plenty of shade and fresh water for dogs outside, and consider bringing them in when the
  • weather gets really hot.
  • To help cool down a dog, splash their paws with water. Take alcohol wipes on walks and wipe pads. This
    will help them shed excess heat.
  • Give your dog a new do! A shorter haircut right now will do a lot to help keep them cool.
  • Never leave your dog in a parked car. Even with windows cracked, the temperature inside a car can
    reach fatal levels quickly (in many states, it’s illegal to leave a dog in a car, and in some people can break
    windows to rescue distressed animals.)
  • Some dogs get very frightened during these big thunderstorms we have, or during firework displays on
    the 4th of July. Consider trying the Thundershirt. The Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has been
    shown to help calm dogs that are fearful, anxious, or over excited.

With a little care and forethought, you can keep your dog both safe and happy during the great summer months.


Download this care sheet (pdf)

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