Mar 032013

Glo dog collar

“You’re walking your dog at night.  A car speeds by.  You see them, but they don’t see you.”

 That’s why there’s SafetyGlo, the only USB and Solar Rechargeable Collar on the market. Our Glo Collar will keep you and your pet visible and safe. An LED strip emits a bright, glowing light that is visible from over 500 yards away; this light is powered by solar energy and rechargeable with an included USB cord. Unlike traditional reflective collars and leashes, no exterior light source is needed to create visibility.

  • Pet collar with a visibly bright LED light strip that operates in steady or flashing mode
  • No batteries are needed–eco-friendly power pack is rechargeable by solar rays or USB connection
  • Made from durable, multi-stitched nylon
  • Charged cell charges in 45 minutes and lasts for five hours of continuous use
  • Collar arrives with USB/solar rechargeable pack and USB charging cable