Jul 022015

“leanlix™ is an innovative new low-calorie reward and trLeanlixaining tool for dogs that was inspired by our one-year-old lab Grace who LOVES food and treats. The concept of a reward that could be licked, was low-calorie and had health benefits (all while keeping all five fingers intact) was created. Invented by Seattle entrepreneur Sharon Da Dalto as a fun, healthy reward treat that can be licked by dogs, the original formulation of leanlix was crafted by a leading pet chemist in the industry to address the #1 concern of vets today: pet obesity. While most dog treats have about 30 calories per serving, gluten-free, grain-free leanlix has 1 calorie (5 licks per serving).

A convenient tool for trainers, groomers, handlers and all dog lovers, leanlix is more than just a lick-able treat, it’s a fun part of an ongoing pet lifestyle program promoting diet along with exercise. It is the leanest and cleanest system of rewarding our four-legged friend.

Leanlix comes in 2.5 oz tube in following varieties.

  1. Run-away-frank
  2. Pb & J
  3. Himalayan Cheese
  4. Bark B Q
  5. Free range Chicken
  6. Grass fed Beef
  7. Cheese Steak
  8. Sweet Potato


Jun 182015


This new chew from the people who make the Himalayan dog chew is sustainably harvested from the roots of trees and shrubs from the Mediterranean Heathlands in Spain. They make a great 100% natural alternative to rubber and plastic toys. They are splinter resistant, extremely long lasting, and effective natural toothbrushes. You can see more details on their website here.