Sep 272018
The Zilla Basking Platform Filter provides a water filtration unit and raised basking area all concealed in one naturalistic looking decor piece. Pets can swim and climb up the rock-like surface while water gently cascades back into the terrarium.
  • Decor, basking and filtration all-in-one!
  • Turtles can easily climb up the ramp and bask on a naturalistic surface
  • Quietly filters the water while creating a gentle waterfall effect
  • Uses size medium Zilla Replacement Filter Cartridges
It is very important for turtles to be able to get out of the water and let their shells dry – otherwise they develop a condition called shell rot. 
Did You Know?
Turtles and tortoises can feel when you pet them. Their spine and many nerves cover the inside of their shells and they can sense the vibrations. Don’t be afraid to scratch their back once in awhile!.

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