Aug 302012

The Marina 360 is a simple, modern 2.65 gallon aquarium with an integrated filtration and LED lighting system. It features a unique circular design with a 360° view that allows you to conveniently po Marina 360 sition it anywhere in your house or office. This easy to set-up and maintain aquarium contains an efficient lighting system with 8 powerful LEDs and a 3-position on/off switch to control bright daytime, blue nighttime and off. Includes a removable cover, two replaceable filter cartridges, biological supplement and water conditioner.

Fluval View is an elegantly-styled, small aquarium that looks great on counter Fluval View tops, desktops and pedestals, in homes or offices. This 4 gallon aquarium with removable cover includes integrated pump, filter with carbon plus ceramic cartridges and white day and moonlight LED lighting.The aquarium has a unique oval shape that allows a clear and unobstructed view of your aquascape. It comes complete with integrated LED lighting, pump and filter, creating an amazingly healthy aquatic environment with a brilliant view.


The Fluval Spec V is the ideal five gallon glass desktop aquarium that combines style and functionality into one small package. Its Fluval Spec 5 2 integrated 3-stage filtration and powerful LED lighting exceeds one’s expectation from an aquarium this size. The unique Nano design features a frosted glass background that conceals the small but powerful  integrated filtration system. It is also designed with brushed aluminum edges and a plastic cover.




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