Nov 122011

Love pets but can’t have one where you’re living right now? Want to learn more about caring for a pet before making the commitment to take one home? Love your own pets enough that you want to help others?

Then Adopt-A-Pet Illinois would love to have your help! If you’re at least 16 years old please click on this link and complete the Volunteer Form.

Adopt-A-Pet depends entirely on you for funds. We do not receive funding from any governmental agency. Only through your donations can Adopt-A-Pet continue its life-saving work. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law, and every cent goes towards the care of our animals.

Adopt-A-Pet needs dedicated volunteers for a variety of activities. We need your time, your talents, your ideas, and your business contacts. You’ll find when you enrich the lives of helpless animals, you also enrich your own.

Adopt-A-Pet is limited in the number of animals it can save by the space it has in which to temporarily house them. You can help save the lives of more animals by becoming a Foster Home for one of Adopt-A-Pet’s animals. What a rewarding feeling it is to know that you have made a difference in saving an innocent animal’s life!

Please note: No experience is necessary. Training is provided for all positions. All you need is a love for animals, the desire to help and the ability to make a commitment to the job.

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