Jun 082017
It wasn’t a terribly cold or long winter this year, but we’re still really glad when it’s over! And with the warmer months, there are a lot of things that we need to be aware of and do differently; in fact, there are so many we’ve gathered all of our top summer caresheets in one convenient place!
The warmer winter and rainy spring are bringing out all kinds of pests. Besides being a nuisance for our furry friends, they can actually dangerous to their health. And these pests bother more then just our dogs and cats, we have to be worried about our scaly and small furry friends, too. For a complete run down of all the pests we need to deal with and why, read our Problem with pests caresheet. We have our top tips and solutions for getting rid of with and preventing these pests on this caresheet, Dealing with Pests
It’s also brought about a big explosion in grubs and insect larvae, which is prime food for skunks. These wild animals have adapted to urban environments very well, and have been seen in increasingly greater numbers where we live. For tips to control and limit encounters with skunks, and what to do if our dog has found one, see our Dealing with Skunks caresheet.
With the summertime comes thunderstorms and lots of fireworks – and while the light and noise are enjoyed by many of us, it can be a source of terror for our pets (and, yes, for some people, too.) For our best tips and products to help reduce the stress and help them survive this scary time, check out our Surviving Thunderstorms caresheet
We spend a lot of time and money to have beautiful green lawns – just to have them ruined with yellowing and bald spots. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and our Saving you Lawncaresheet has all the tips, suggestions, and products to keep you lawn perfect for the summer!
This is the time of year that most animals begin to fill the world with babies. It’s also when we find helpless newborns and babies – and, being the loving and caring people we are, we want to try to help. Caring for an injured, sick, or weak wild animal really requires a licensed and professional rehabilitator. But as it can take some time to get the animal to the right person, we may have to step in. Different animals have different nutritional and feeding requirements, so check out our specific baby rabbit caresheet here and see this caresheet for the most commonly found baby animals. 
Step up your dog’s chewing time, and help keep them cool with tips and recipes on our Cool summer treats for a cool dog. These frozen treats will keep them busy and entertained while helping them cool down when the weather starts getting hot. 
There are many other changes and things to be aware of for all of our animals, not just our cats and dogs. For tips for all of our companions, check out our full Preparing our pets for Summer article.

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