Jul 262012

My name is Tommy and I am an active little 7 pound, male Yorkie or Silky Terrier mix about one and a half years old. I am oh sooooo loving, up for anything that you may want to do, and quite the snuggler, too, when I settle down. True to my breed, I offer a big personality in a small package. I am brave, determined, energetic – and I love life! Because I’m so small, it probably would be best for me to be adopted by a family with no very small or rough children, but I might enjoy the companionship of older, considerate kids. My type of breed can be a good dog for apartment life in that we tend to be fairly active indoors and will do okay without a yard. Of course, my daily walks are still a MUST. And my long coat will require regular grooming and brushing. With active owners who understand how to treat a small dog and provide gentle leadership as well as exercise, I’ll make a super companion!

Tommy’s adoption fee of $325 includes: vet exam, distemper combination vaccination, bordetella and rabies vaccinations, heartworm test, flea control, deworming, microchip, dental cleaning and neuter.

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