Jun 302016
Hermit crabs are fascinating little pets, with their alien appearance and unique lifestyle. Properly caring for these small crustaceans is a bit different than most people think, but it’s a rewarding experience! They
are, sadly, often considered a throw away pet, but a properly cared for hermit crab can live 15 years or more! We’re here to change that perception and help you get the most out of your new crustacean friend!

A few tips to get you started:

Hermit crabs, despite their name, are quite social and do better when kept in small groups. They can be quite active and love to climb, so give them plenty of space and some vertical surfaces.
Hermit crabs like high humidity and access to both fresh water and salt water. Provide fresh water with a sponge, and giving them a bath twice a week in salt water.
For more information on how to care for these fascinating creatures, check out our care sheet here. Stop by to see these cool little guys for yourself and talk to our trained staff about how to properly care for them.
And to help get you started right, we’ve made our own hermit crab kits! These convenient homes contain everything you need to get started at a GREAT price!
Kit includes:

Hermit crab home
Shell for their food
Sponge for humidity
Substrate coconut/calci-sand mix
Marine Salt
plus food and treats!

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