Aug 032018
Gems of the sky!
Jewels of the jungle!
Green cheek conures are a favorite among both experienced and novice bird keepers due to their playful natures, small stature, temperament, and relatively low noise level (compared to their larger cousins). They are very social birds, living in large flocks in the wild, so they need to interact with as much of the family as possible. Playful and intelligent, they can learn several words and tricks.

The turquoise green cheek conure is a color mutation on the normal green cheek appearance. Their feathers are a dusty blue pairing well with the grey head. 


The pineapple is another one of the color morphs of the green cheek. Much more vibrant, with their yellow and red stripped breasts, these little birds are just stunning!


Stop by any time, meet our three newest feathered friends, and find out why they are so popular!

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