Jun 212022
Likes: Sharktooth loves treats, free roaming, and playing enrichment games!
Dislikes: When mom makes him look uncool in front of his friends
Bio: Sharktooth is the perfect first rabbit! He’s super chill and loves to lounge outside of his pen while I work from home. He’s memorized the sound of me opening the treat bag and his ears perk up and he stretches all the way to the top of the pen to make sure to get a treat. He’s done well with my two cats and loves to investigate what they’re up to.
Sharktooth is a very smart bunny and loves doing his enrichment games. He catches on to them pretty quickly so change them up every so often to give him a good challenge! After some play time, exploring, and a good snack, Sharktooth will find a comfy spot to flop down and take a nap! Don’t pass this lovely boy up!
The adoption fee is $50. All rabbits are spayed/neutered and microchipped.
Apply for adoption here – https://bit.ly/3OyHlrY
Feb 092022

Rehomeward Bound pets – Meet Maggie and Carrot!
Their family were no longer able to care for them, so we’re helping them find a new loving home! They’re both female, 2 years old, and are very friendly. They’ve lived together their whole lives, so they must go together.
Stop by to meet them and find out how you can bring them home, and read up on their care with our WPC care sheet: https://bit.ly/WPC_chinchilla
Nov 112011

Hi, I'm Bopper!

Hi, my name is Bopper. I was just bopping around town when Animal Control saw me and picked me up and said I didn’t belong out on the streets. They brought me to Adopt-A-Pet and now I’m bopping around Wilmette Pet Center trying to find a forever home.

As you can see, I’m a strikingly handsome boy. I’m kind of medium haired right now, but I could turn into a longhair – at my young age it’s a little too early to tell. So whoever adopts me has to be prepared to give me some extra grooming time to keep me from getting matted. I’m an outgoing little fellow that will become your best friend in no time flat. I’d like to be adopted with my new friend Bohnet or another playful kitty so we can bop around together. Why don’t you come and meet me? Just think, I could be bopping around YOUR house by the end of the week!

Bopper’s approximate date of birth is 8/8/11 and his adoption fee of $135 includes: vet exam, Feline Leukemia test, FIV test, FVRCP vaccination, deworming, microchip and neuter.

Nov 062011

From our Facebook page:

Thanks to the folks at Wilmette Pet Center, and the great work they do with Adopt-A-Pet Illinois. Because of them we now have Cody (formerly Quimby) in our lives. Here he is, day two, napping hard after a rigorous hour of play. Cody is amazing and immediately one of the family. Thank you!

–John, Krista, Jake, Wade, Kurt and Mack, and now Cody

What an adorable addition to your family!