Nov 152012

People keeping fish are very familiar with the strip light. It sits on the aquarium in a boxy, shall we say, “retro” style hood. These have been the standard for freshwater aquariums for many years, until now:

Introducing the Aqueon Modular LED lighting system!

These new LEDs have a ton of advantages over the old fluorescent strip lights. They are very bright and powerful while being very small. LED Lights 1 Their power is strong enough to grow some corals, while using just a fraction of the electricity. These bulbs are also very durable; they are rated for over 40,000 hours of burn time The strip lights come in a variety of sizes for almost all tanks, and includes a single white-light tube.

LED Light connecters 2Want more light? It’s simple to add more to this modular system! There are additional all white and “color max” strips that simply plug in! You can add two more light strips to this hood with a plug-and-play system.

All the light strips include the cool blue Moonlight bulbs. This amazing light gives you LED Light Moonlight the impression of looking at the bottom of a lake on a night with a full moon. The sleek hood looks great on any tank.

These lights will make your fish POP – they’ll bring out all the colors of your fish, they’ll brighten up your plants, and you must see the Moonlight LED at night – it’s beautiful!

Stop by the store, we’ll be happy to demonstrate them for you!

Mar 122012

Build and maintain a beautiful aquatic environment with this aquarium kit. The Penguin® BioWheel power filter helps keep your aquarium water pure and healthy.

This Marineland® Bio-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit gives you what you need to create a beautiful aquatic environment. Ideal for small species of freshwater fish, this aquarium features an elegant glass construction that’s easy to clean and an LED lighting system that produces dazzling underwater light.

  • Penguin BioWheel power filter provides superior biological filtration for clean, clear aquarium water
  • LED lighting system produces shimmering light to mimic the underwater effect of sunlight and moonlight
  • Includes a Rite-Size™ A filter cartridge, Submersible heater, thermometer, TetraMin® Tropical Flake Food Sample, AquaSafe® Water Conditioner Sample and an aquarium set-up guide

LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 10 gal              $59.99
LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 20 gal              $94.99
LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 29 gal             $119.99
LED complete aquarium kits w/ bio wheel filtration 55 gal             $145.99


Expires April 12th, 2012