Nov 152012

Many of you know how we love to tout the benefits of feeding your cats and dogs a raw diet. It’s the healthiest diet available, since it’s the closest to their natural diet in the wild. And most people feed kibble because it’s easier and faster. And with Nature’s Variety‘s new Instinct Raw Boost kibble, you can get the best of both worlds!

They take their high protein, high quality kibble, and coat it with freeze-dried raw food. They also have added whole kibbles made solely of freeze dried raw food; it makes it easy to incorporate raw food into your pet’s diet. Freeze dried raw foods are raw with the moisture removed using low temperatures to preserve the purity of the foods. It is the same great taste and nutrition of raw with the convenience of easy serving.

And it’s a great time to try it; it’s on sale!

Save $6 on small bags

Save $8 on medium bags

Save $10 on large bags

Nature's Variety Raw Boost Powder Love your current food but still want the benefit of the RAW Boost? Try the Raw Boost Supplement Powder! It is a pure, delicious, and nutritious powder supplement made from freeze dried raw ingredients. Simply sprinkle it on top of your regular diet to get all the benefits of a raw diet! It is perfect for dogs and cats, and is a GREAT way to get finicky eaters to love their food.

Try it now and get $2.50 off!

You can get more information at Nature Variety’s foods here, in addition to articles about raw diets and freeze drying.

Stop by and talk with our trained staff about your pet’s diet and their needs!


Specials valid until December 9th, 2012.

Valid only on Nature Variety’s Instinct Raw Boost Kibble and 11 oz can of supplement only.