Sep 172015
These new Vista aquariums are stunning! These glass tanks feature curved, seamless corners, so you can appreciate the beauty of your tank without anything in the way.
The energy efficient LED lights are built right into the sleek hood and feature Soft Start, so the lights come on slowly to mimic sunrise to avoid startling fish. The 23 gallon has built in plugs too add another light strip to easily increase the amount of light your tank.
The kit includes:
  • Glass aquarium with panoramic seamless design
  • Built in LED lights with Soft Start
  • AquaClear power filter with media for crystal clear, healthy water
  • Fish net
  • LCD thermometer
  • Fluval care guide
  • Fluval tropical fish food, water conditioner, and biological enhancer.

Stands available for the 16 and 23 gallon.