Jul 272017

There’s been a big shakeup in the pet food business: PetSmart has purchased the online delivery company Chewey’s. As a result of this, Chewey’s is no longer able to carry Orijen and Acana. 

Why is this? Champion foods, the company that makes these foods, is committed to the quality of their food and focusing on the smaller independent retailers and specialty shops. From their page about the change:

“Mass retailers operate different business models than specialty stores. They often require food makers to make significant investments in advertising and measure success through sales volumes and profits. This model is not who we are — our focus is and always will be on our foods.
At Champion, we invest in ingredients and research. The majority of cost in making ORIJEN and ACANA comes from their ingredients, not advertising. Our commitment to our foods is critical to our vision and mission. It sets us apart from multinational and marketing brands.
We believe that our pet specialty store partners recommend pet foods based on their trust in the food maker and the food’s performance, rather than advertising and sales volume.”
You can read their entire statement here
We’re proud and honored to be one of those independent retailers that carries both Orijen and Acana! And with our home delivery service you can still get it delivered right to your door! Just give us a call at 847-251-6750!
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Your Wilmette Pet Staff