Jun 292018
Petlinks is well known among pet parents for their innovative, solution based, and environmentally responsible products to meet all your cat’s needs. 

And check out their newest toy, the cutie mouse!
  • Cutie Mouse feathery toy with raffia tassels and crinkle sounds
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Bat and chase excitement with sound stimulation
  • Provides an outlet for hunting instinct without harming wildlife
  • Designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee from Petlinks
New $8.49
Mar 122012

These soft and snuggly plush catnip toys have a reclosable pouch to hold fresh catnip securely in place. Toys include a generous amount of KONG’s premium North American catnip in a reclosable vial.

When the catnip scent starts to fade, simply add more fresh catnip for another round of fun! Catnip can be stored in the freezer to help keep it fresh. Toy is machine washable with the catnip removed.

Choose between 14 plush shapes most with fuzzy or feathered tails


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