Jun 262018
Fish keeping is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and fascinating hobbies there is. And Coralife is one of the top names in fish keeping, with a wide range of quality products to help you be successful. And we’ve got them at incredible prices!
16 gallon LED Biocube
The LED BioCube® is the next level of all-inclusive aquariums. Featuring bright LEDs, built in filtration, plus room for accessories to help keep your tank cleaner and healthier, this tank is perfect for anyone wanting to get started in fish keeping or wanting to add some new fish to their collection. Can be set up for either fresh water or marine.
Sleek modern hood with vibrant LED Lighting 
             > Bright white LEDs for daytime
             > Sparkling blue Moon Glows for nighttime
             > Color enhancing LEDs for maximum beauty
Integrated 24-hour timer with three independent channels for day/night and sunrise/sunset         cycles.
Compact and customizable filtration chamber
Hinge-top canopy design (also compatible with BioCube® 14 and 29) 
Quiet submersible pump, dual intakes and adjustable return nozzle
Clear glass back panel for easy refugium set-up
Originally $259.99, now at the amazing price of $199.99 *
Protein Skimmer
Protein skimmers use tiny bubble to remove organic compounds from marine and reef tanks. Extra protein breaks down and contributes to ammonia and nitrite problems (and marine fish are more sensitive to high ammonia levels), keeping your tank and its inhabitants clean and healthy. Proteins and organic matter are deposited into the collection cup, making it easy to remove from your tank.
Was $49.99, now at the incredible price of $29.99 *
Mini ultraviolet sterilizer 
This accessory is perfect for both fresh and salt water tanks. It uses UV light to kill off pathogens, bacteria, microorganisms, and algae, keeping both your tank and your fish much healthier.
(Usage hint: do not use this while cycling a tank; it’ll eliminate the beneficial bacteria that you are trying to grow.)
Formerly $99.99, now at the great price of $49.99 *
Coralife BioCube stand
What better way to showcase your prized aquatic habitat than on a pedestal stand designed to complement the Coralie LED BioCube aquariums? Tinted acrylic panels and slim black handles it looks stylish and fits any decor. The shelf for convenient storage of tools, equipment and food helps keep everything organized and tidy. Sturdy feet keep base elevated, and cut-out holes in the back allow for easy routing of electrical cords. Easy to set up and made of water-resistant materials.
Was $124.99, now at the incredible price of $74.99 *
Need some help? Check out our full line of care sheets, covering everything from water changes to the cycling process. And you can always stop by and speak with our highly trained staff!
We always offer free water testing here at Wilmette Pet. Just bring us 1/2 a cup of your tank water to get an idea of how well your tank is cycling or to determine your water quality before adding new fish.
*All prices valid while supplies last.
Oct 202016
We are excited to introduce our new marine and saltwater selection!
And we now carry everything you need to get started:
marine foods
medications and water quality additives,
test kits,
UV sterilizers, circulation pumps, and protein skimmers,
live sand and reef rock,
and the all important Instant Ocean Salt mix!
We also have Coralife’s BioCubes, in 16 and 32 gallons, perfect for your new marine fish and reef!
They feature:
  • Easy setup and includes tank, top, light filter, and filter pump
  • Power compact and LED light bar, with a programmable timer for your day light, dusk, and nighttime lighting
  • Integrated wet/dry biological filtration that can be customized with any filter media you wish.

Watch us as we

build our reefs!

We’re setting these two Biocubes as mini reef tanks; watch us as we go from the bare tank to a living replica of a reef on Facebook (and come in to check out the progress in the store!)

Meet some of our new marine friends:

This stunning fish is the royal gramma basslet. Vivid purple in the front and yellow/orange in the second half, this fish is eye popping even when hiding under a ledge.
Yellow tang: These gorgeous fish are suitable for larger tanks, but are safe for reefs. While they like to be the only one of their kind, you don’t need any more, as they’re just incredible to see!
The stunning flame angelfish is certainly an eye catcher and is one of our favorites! Keeping them well fed makes them safe for your reef tanks. Give them plenty of places to hide with live rock for grazing, and add them last to a peaceful community to really make it pop!
Diamond watchman goby: These cute little fish live at the bottom of the tank, where they like to sift the sand and make their own burrows. (In fact, that’s where they’re hanging out right now in the store, peeking out from their burrows, watching us watching them.)
Red footed hermit crabs live exclusively in salt water. You’ll notice them hanging out on the bottom of the aquarium and climbing the rocks, looking for meals of detritus and algae. They’re one of the most popular reef maintenance animals.
The chromis is a small schooling fish that are less aggressive than their close relatives, damsels and clownfish. They make great companions in a reef tank, as they don’t bother other inhabitants.
Turbo snails are great little clean up crews for reef tanks, as they like most algae, including nuisance algae – a lot of it. They’re hardy and great for the beginners aquarium.

Stop by and check our all the other inhabitants we have, some bold and beautiful, some not so noticeable!