Jul 312018
Dental health of our small animals is something most peopledon’t spend time thinking about, and yet it is vital to their overall health as it is for our cats, our dogs, and even us.
Nearly all small animals kept as pets belong to the order Rodentia (which literally means “to gnaw”) and one characteristic is that their teeth continue to grow throughout their entire lives. While rabbits are not in the same order (being members of the order Lagomorpha) but have the same feature with their teeth (this is why people think rabbits are rodents). They must chew on wood to keep their incisors short and trimmed. 
Malocclusion – where the teeth do not meet up properly, are unevenly worn, or grow crooked – is a common problem for small animals if their teeth are not cared for, and it prevents them from eating properly. For rabbits and their sensitive digestive tracts this can be a life threatening problem. In severe cases, the teeth continue to grow and begin to grow into their head.
Severe cases of malocclusion require a veterinarian’s intervention.
So how do we prevent this? Wooden chews! Fortunately, we have a wide assortment of sizes, colors, and shapes. Some can even be stuffed with paper or hay to hide treats inside for extra fun. Just a few of our top chews:

Gnawsome playtime chew toy with a nutty surprise
Made of all natural wood and contains a peanut inside wooden ball
USDA approved food coloring is safe to chew
Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Gerbils, Pet Rats, and other small animals
Helps overcome cage boredom and promote good dental health

Natural willow mega munch sticks small pet chew treats
Safe critter chew
Made of natural wood and nut chew that critters crave
Environmentally friendly
Measures 1-3/4-inch width by 1-3/4-inch depth by 11/2-inch height
Your Pets Will Love to Chew These Mega Munch Sticks
Made of All Natural Willow that is Completely Safe For Your Pet
The Treat-K-Bob is a cool accessory to your cage. Designed to fit any of the Ware chews, it’s also a great place to put their veggies or treats so they have to work for them. 
The fun Snak Shak by eCotrition 

The Snak Shak is made with delicious fresh alfalfa and golden honey, making it 100 percent chewable. It gives your hours of stimulating play for your pet. It has a natural wood look, and the larger size can serve as a hidey hut.
One of our favorite recommendations is the Woodland Get-A-Way hut. It both provides a cozy place to relax and hide away while also helping keep their teeth trimmed when they chew on it. 
The real key is variety – offer different types and shapes of chews, and be sure to change them out when they’ve been gnawed on for a bit.

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