Dec 142018

Christmas is fast approaching, but we’re helping make buying presents for your pet or the pet lover in your life easy! Check out our top stocking stuffers for you feline friends:

Keep your kitty happy and active with fun toys! 

All For Paws Lambswool; Let your cats have fun and grab their attention! A mix between suede and lambswool make this line all about comfort and cudliness, and with several styles, it’s sure to keep your cat engaged!

Yeowww catnip toys – Stuffed with 100% organic, USA-grown catnip, some of the BEST catnip on the market, these new shapes will keep your kitty busy for hours.

Neko Flies are on of our most popular cat toys! The interchangeable lures are some of the most realistic and enticing on the market. Cats are born to be hunters and their passion to chase prey and pounce on them is part of their very essence. 

Treat your cat with only the best treats!

Cats do best with a whole meat diet, and their treats should be the same! From freeze dried and dehydrated Orijen, Feline Naturals, and Whole Life to the soft and tasty Buddy Biscuits, in plenty of exciting flavors, we have something for even the finickiest of felines!

This item won’t fit in a stocking, but it may be the gift that helps your cat live a longer and healthier life!

Cats are not big water drinkers. Being desert creatures, their bodies expect to get their hydration from their prey, so they’re not going to drink as much as they need. This can lead to dehydration and eventual kidney and urinary tract problems (especially when we only feed them dry foods). Water fountains like CatIt’s Senses Fresh & Clear can help remedy this, as the moving water encourages them to drink.  The internal filter helps keep the water fresh and clean.

  • New and improved high grade stainless steel
  • Hygienic and dishwasher safe top
  • Large water-to-air surface maximizes oxygenation
  • Compact 2 L / 64 fl oz reservoir
  • Includes filter pad
  • With low-voltage pump
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Re-circulating system

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