How to help


There are many ways that you can help us and Adopt-A-Pet rescue cats and dogs and help them find a new forever home:

Become a trained dog walker!

Attend the Adopt-A-Pet orientation to be able to walk the dogs that we foster at the store. Our dog walkers are a vital part of our partnership with Adopt-A-Pet:

  1. Gives the dogs exercise
  2. Keeps the dogs socialized
  3. Gives them exposure – we’ve had families follow a dog walker back in, inquiring about the dog and eventually adopting them!

Classes are held at your convenience. To sign up, email Sophie Amphlett, the Adopt-A-Pet walking trainer, and she’ll set up a time that works for you!

Foster Homes

Adopt-A-Pet is in need of foster homes to provide temporary care to an orphan who is currently being boarded at a veterinary clinic with little attention or exercise. Unfortunately, they are limited to the number of animals they can help by the number of foster homes. Having more foster homes allows them to accept more dogs and cats in need. Being a foster home consists of taking temporary custody of one or more of our critters until a permanent home is found. Adopt-A-Pet will put interested parties in touch with you to meet your temporary guest.

Adopt-A-Pet will provide all food, necessary supplies and reimburse expenses for any foster home which has the heart to foster but not the financial capability.

Read more information below to understand what being a Foster Home is about.

  1. Sarah’s Story
  2. The Gift Is In The Good-Bye
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the foster home application here.

For other ways to help, check out the Adopt-A-Pet website.