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 These are our current Adopt-A-Pet fosters:


This is Johnny, a sturdy 8 pound boy who was found as a stray in the northwest suburbs. Johnny is jet black with a wonderful dense coat that is as glossy as they come. He is a Chihuahua mix, and is estimated to be 5 years old.

He has settled well into his foster home, and wants to spend every minute with his foster mom. He is happy, alert, always on the lookout for squirrels and rabbits in the yard, and is amazingly fast for such a small boy. He has even enticed the grumpy old resident terrier to play with him. He occasionally woofs at the dogs next door, but barking excessively isn’t his thing. Neither is chewing, but he might try to steal your socks while you’re putting them on. Johnny is a pleasure to take for walks, and trots down the sidewalk as if he owns it. His favorite thing though, is to curl up on the sofa with you, or better yet, in your lap.

Johnny is wary and shy when meeting strangers, but warms up over several hours. Because of his initial hesitation, he might not be a good match for small children or a family with a lot of people coming and going. He’s friendly to dogs, but is untested with cats. His housetraining is almost perfect as long as he is let out on a regular schedule, and while not happy about being crated at night, the complaints are lessening with time. If you’re looking for a new pint-sized companion, Johnny might just be your guy!

Johnny’s adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg.), distemper vaccination, rabies and bordetella vaccinations, flea control, routine deworming, heartworm prevention, microchip and neuter.


Taffy came to Adopt-A-Pet via Chicago Animal Control. She weighs 19 lb. and they believe her to be 2 years old. Her breed? Well, maybe you can tell us! She has long legs and a skinny waist that reminds us of a Whippet and honestly we have no idea what other breeds her DNA might reveal…maybe some terrier or hound.

She just got here to Wilmette Pet Center but here’s what her previous foster mom had to say about her: “I look at this cute little girl standing up and think she is a little fawn instead of a mixed dog breed. She’s sweet as they come and the definition of what a fun dog is all about. She’s learned the meaning of “no” and loves running around the yard. Most of all it’s about the toys, toys, toys! All the toys come out of the toy basket ’til she figures out what she wants to play with. She seems to have an innate sense as to whether it’s a tug-of-war toy, something that might be thrown, or something she plays with by herself.”

At the time of this writing, she’s been accident free over a week. She comes when called outside in the backyard, but does need some work on leash walking – nothing that can’t be fixed with an obedience class. When meeting strangers it takes a minute for her to warm up but then she’s fine. Taffy is a total sweetheart and a happy and playful girl who will make a delightful pet and and will shine even more with a a little training. They think respectful children will adore her and visa-versa. And whoever adopts her should be able to offer her opportunities to exercise – a fenced in yard or regular visits to a dog park would be ideal.

Taffy’s adoption fee of $325 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg.), distemper vaccination, rabies and bordetella vaccinations, flea control, routine deworming, heartworm prevention, microchip and spay.

We have everything you need to get started, and, when you adopt any dog (whether they’re fostered here or elsewhere), you’ll get a coupon book filled with tons of savings.

Check out all of the available dogs for adoption by heading over to Adopt-A-Pet’s site.

Please understand that though you may want to take these adorable animals home with you when you see them, you will first have to go through the application process through Adopt-A-Pet. Applications can be found here; fill it out and send it to Adopt-A-Pet. One of their adoption counselors will contact you. 

We are one of the many foster homes for Adopt-A-Pet, and rarely know the adoption status of these dogs. You can see all of the animals that Adopt-A-Pet has and contact them regarding the availability of a particular dog on their main site here.

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