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 These are our current Adopt-A-Pet fosters:

The Hockey Legends

Down to three!

By their looks, they appear to be a lab blend, but that is just a guess, and we don’t know what other breeds they are mixed with. Since we have no idea what size, weight, shape, looks or breed they will grow into as an adult, only those willing to take pot luck should apply! If you have size or breed restrictions in your housing or in your family dynamics, then they are not the dog for you and Adopt-A-Pet recommends you instead seek an adult dog where “what you see is what you get”.

Their estimated date of birth is 10/18/18. Since they are still very much a baby, they will need a family with a stay-at-home person who can tend to their potty training, obedience training, exercise needs (lots!) and continued socialization. Training must begin immediately with the whole family participating, and they are ready for puppy school upon adoption. Please look into training options in your area before applying. (Ask us for some recommendations).

In the event of multiple applications, Adopt-A-Pet’s policy is to choose the family who is the best match for the dog. Please only apply if your family is ready to adopt NOW as they cannot hold animals for anyone. If you have a family vacation planned in the near future, please wait until after you return to consider adoption. Please also consider your home environment during the holidays. If you have a houseful of out-of-town guests or a lot of commotion or holiday activities that will not allow you to spend the time necessary to provide routine, structure, training and exercise for the puppy, then now is not a good time to adopt. All family members will be required to attend a Meet & Greet with an adoption counselor as part of the application process. Adopt-A-Pet does not adopt out puppies to be gifts to a child or a third party.

Their adoption fee of $450 includes: comprehensive vet exam, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, routine deworming, flea/tick preventative, heartworm preventative, microchip and spay.

We have everything you need to get started, and, when you adopt any dog (whether they’re fostered here or elsewhere), you’ll get a coupon book filled with tons of savings.

Check out all of the available dogs for adoption by heading over to Adopt-A-Pet’s site.

Please understand that though you may want to take these adorable animals home with you when you see them, you will first have to go through the application process through Adopt-A-Pet. Applications can be found here; fill it out and send it to Adopt-A-Pet. One of their adoption counselors will contact you. 

We are one of the many foster homes for Adopt-A-Pet, and rarely know the adoption status of these dogs. You can see all of the animals that Adopt-A-Pet has and contact them regarding the availability of a particular dog on their main site here.

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