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 These are our current Adopt-A-Pet fosters:

The aliens have landed! Take them to your leaders!

Gazoo is the baby but the bold one. He can hold his own against his larger buddies. He is a food hog and acts like the tough guy. Fairly calm for his age, he is affectionate but not an “in your face” demanding kind of pup. Smart and well on his way to being housebroken, he also does great with other dogs and kids.



Meet the magnificent Beldar, one of the Alien pups! Originally from the planet Remulak, but now stranded on earth, he is looking for a new residence and a family to call his own. He is no longer a Conehead after recovering from some minor surgery, and will now blend into the earthly population just fine. Beldar is a fantastic little fellow, friendly to all he meets, and will make a wonderful companion for the lucky family that adopts him. His foster home reports that he is very laid back, affectionate, and dog-friendly, and just wants to be with his person. Beldar will sit on command if he sees the treat, and will even sometimes manage a sit-stay. He loves walks, and will walk nicely without pulling, but is just getting used to traffic. His house training is almost there, and only needs attention from his people to get him out at regular intervals. He might complain, but will quickly settle down in his crate at night.

This mixed-up group of Aliens are friends, but not necessarily all siblings. Gamora is a beautiful brindle color. Right now, at only 11 pounds, Gazoo looks like a lab/terrier mix.  At about 15 pounds, Gamora looks like a boxer mix.

Because they are too young to predict what size, shape or breed they will grow into as an adult, only those willing and able to take pot luck should apply. If you live in housing with size or breed restrictions, these pups may not be the pups for you. You should assume that these pups are going to be very active and will require lots of exercise, attention, mental stimulation and training.

Because they are still babies, they will need a family with a stay-at-home person to attend to her potty training, exercise and continued socialization. They are ready for puppy school upon adoption, in which the whole family must be engaged.

Their estimated date of birth is 3/1/19, and the adoption fee of $450 each includes: vet exam, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, flea/tick preventative, routine deworming, heartworm prevention, microchip and spay/neuter.

We have everything you need to get started, and, when you adopt any dog (whether they’re fostered here or elsewhere), you’ll get a coupon book filled with tons of savings.

Check out all of the available dogs for adoption by heading over to Adopt-A-Pet’s site.

Please understand that though you may want to take these adorable animals home with you when you see them, you will first have to go through the application process through Adopt-A-Pet. Applications can be found here; fill it out and send it to Adopt-A-Pet. One of their adoption counselors will contact you. 

We are one of the many foster homes for Adopt-A-Pet, and rarely know the adoption status of these dogs. You can see all of the animals that Adopt-A-Pet has and contact them regarding the availability of a particular dog on their main site here.

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