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Fabulous balls of fur!

Here are our current Adopt-A-Pet fosters:

Almond, Filbert, Pistachio, Pecan, and Coconut

Nuts! Nuts! Get your nuts here!!!! This “nutty” litter was born on a farm in southern Illinois and brought to a high kill shelter. So happy one of our foster home’s opened their home and hearts and is “nuts” about kittens! We haven’t had these kittens for long but so far they are a happy group!

Almond is such a sweet little kitty. He loves to climb the cat trees and watch out the window. He has a distinctive meow. He says “I’m here, pick me up!” Sweet, loving, adorable, playful kitty and will be a great addition and companion to their human families. 

Filbert is just adorable and with beautiful markings, a very handsome kitty. He started out the smallest of his siblings but is quickly catching up. He makes eye contact and loves to eat, play, and cuddle! You won’t be sorry picking this beautiful, playful boy.

Pistachio is a lover! He is especially sweet. He enjoys being cradled like a baby and have the top of his head caressed while he closes his eyes and purrs like a machine! He is easy going with his siblings and doesn’t mind sharing his food bowl. Such a cutie! You won’t be sorry picking Pistachio as your forever friend.

Pecan is sweet and independent with a little bit of caution thrown in. She purrs (just pet her to “turn her on”), plays and loves to hang out wherever you are. She shares her food bowl without complaining. She’s a beautiful kitty that will love and be loyal to her family. If you choose Pecan for your forever family, she will love you and you will love her!

Coconut is the independent (at times) kitten. She likes to rough-house with her siblings and she shares the food bowl without any complaining. She is a sweet girl who loves to purr and be petted. Not to mention she is adorable! She will make her human family soooo happy they adopted her as their forever friend!

Behaviorally and socially, it’s best to adopt kittens in pairs, or into a home with a playful cat. Kittens really need a playmate in their forever home…and then they can get to play, and snuggle while you’re not home. Check out their Pick A Pair page to see if one of their siblings is still available.

If you are only interested in adopting a single kitten, and you’re home most of the day, and able to spend interactive time with a kitten, Adopt-A-Pet will consider adopting out a kitten older than 4 months. Each foster home knows the kitten’s personalities best, and they follow their recommendations for single placements.

Their estimated date of birth is 4/4/18. Their adoption fee of $150 each includes her vet exam, FVRCP vaccinations, FIV & Feline Leukemia testing (neg), routine deworming, microchip and spay.

We have everything you need to get started, and, when you adopt any cat you’ll get a coupon book filled with tons of savings.

 Please understand that though you may want to take these adorable animals home with you when you see them, you will first have to go through the application process through Adopt-A-Pet. Applications can be found here; fill it out and send it to volunteers at Adopt-A-Pet. One of their adoption councilors will contact you. 

We are one of the many foster homes for Adopt-A-Pet, and rarely know the adoption status of these cats. You can see all of the animals that Adopt-A-Pet has and contact them regarding the availability of a particular cat on their main site here.

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