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Here are our current Adopt-A-Pet fosters:



Hayley’s a very playful kitty! She likes to chase her toys and also “catch” your hand in her paws, but never with her claws out. When she was in a foster home, she slept both under the bed and on it. Whenever her foster mom woke up during the night, she found her cuddled up next to her on the bed. She likes her privacy, but also cuddled up right next to her foster mom on the couch and asked for some petting. When she’s had enough of your petting, she lets you know by giving you a quick nibble (but without teeth). At first she’ll be a little shy, but once she gets used to you, she’ll enjoy hanging around while you go about your business.

Hayley’s estimated date of birth is 1/12/17. Her adoption fee of $120.00 includes her vet exam, rabies vaccination, FVRCP vaccination, FIV & Feline Leukemia testing (neg), routine deworming, microchip and spay.


Meet sweet Georgina. Georgina was a brand new mama when she was rescued. She has raised all her beautiful kittens and is now ready to find a forever home of her own! Georgina currently fosters with us, and still acts very much like a kitten, energetic and playful! She gets along great with other cats, is a friendly greeter when you come home and is an awesome snooze companion…it’s starting to get cold, need some extra warmth?

Georgina’s estimated date of birth is 4/2/16. Her adoption fee of $120 includes her vet exam, FVRCP (distemper combo) and rabies vaccinations, FIV & Feline Leukemia testing (neg), routine deworming, flea treatment, microchip and spay.



Abby’s a very affectionate girl who likes head scratches and cuddling up. When she’s in the mood, she’ll zoom around the house and then settle in for a nap in her favorite cat bed. When the food dish is empty, she likes to meow you a reminder and, just to be sure, she’ll walk you downstairs and encourage you until your job is done. She’s a sweet kitty who’s also happy to chill with you and watch TV.

Abby’s estimated date of birth is 8/9/14.  Her adoption fee of $120 includes her vet exam, FVRCP (distemper combo) and rabies vaccinations, FIV (pos) & Feline Leukemia testing (neg), routine deworming, flea treatment, microchip and spay.


What does FIV+ mean for Abby and Penguin?  FIV can only be passed from feline to feline.  Humans and other animals are not at risk of infection.  The virus is passed by saliva in the form of a deep bite wound, not by casual contact. This means that sharing food and water bowls as well as normal grooming is not a concern.  The cat may have a more compromised immune system than a FIV negative cat, but can – and do – still live a long, healthy, normal life.  (Of course, there is no guarantee that an FIV cat will not eventually develop clinical disease; but there’s no guarantee that any cat won’t get sick from something sooner or later!)  Meanwhile, FIV positive cats still have a lot to give us.  FIV is no longer the sentence or stigma that prevents a delightful feline from becoming part of your family.   Feel free to discuss Feline FIV with your veterinarian prior to meeting sweet Abby!    Read more about FIV here:


We have everything you need to get started, and, when you adopt any cat you’ll get a coupon book filled with tons of savings.

 Please understand that though you may want to take these adorable animals home with you when you see them, you will first have to go through the application process through Adopt-A-Pet. Applications can be found here; fill it out and send it to volunteers at Adopt-A-Pet. One of their adoption councilors will contact you. 

We are one of the many foster homes for Adopt-A-Pet, and rarely know the adoption status of these cats. You can see all of the animals that Adopt-A-Pet has and contact them regarding the availability of a particular cat on their main site here.

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