Jul 252018

It can always be a little hit or miss when you buy your cat a toy. You see something that looks cool and fun, that you think they’ll love, but they sit and stare at you and then want to go play with the rings from your milk jug.Image result for cat playing with neko flies

But not with Neko Flies Toys – they’re one of our most popular toys and they’re back on the market!

Why are they so popular?

Realistic – Each and every toy has been carefully designed to realistically mimic various insects and mice that your cat would naturally want to chase and pounce on. Soft fur, jiggly legs, flexible wings, and a crawling double body are guaranteed to keep your cat engaged.

Interchangeable – Even the coolest toy will get to be boring and old after a while. Keep it interesting by changing it up with Neko Flies’ interchangeable lures! With several designs and varying textures, they’ll stay totally captivated. All interchangeable toys come with a 41″ string and clip to make it easy to change the toy frequently.

Durable – These toys may seem flimsy, but they are made with top grade materials to withstand the kind of abuse a playing cat can dish out. Checkout the video on the left to see the toy in action.

As durable as this toy is, there are some small pieces, so when you’re done playing with your cat, make sure you put it somewhere safe and secure – cat’s don’t always agree when we think it is time to stop playing!

Effective – These toys have been tested extensively; their realistic shapes and engaging movement catch and hold cat’s attention, making play time fun for both of you.

Cats are born to be hunters and their passion to chase prey and pounce on them is part of their very essence. And Neko Flies are one of the best ways to help keep them stimulated, active, and happy!

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