Oct 312011

On Sale! New Product!
Crittertrail Triple Play Habitat

Discover the CritterTrail Difference over and over and over with the Triple Play 3 in 1 Habitat!

This 3-in-1 cage comes with everything you need to create three different challenging environments for your pet. Choose between the arch, tunnel or tower designs. Introducing new layouts will challenge and mentally stimulate your pet, and help with muscle development.

The Triple Play Habitat also comes with a food dish, water bottle and exercise wheel. Top and Front wire doors allow you to easily access your pet at any time. Ideal for mice, dwarf hamsters, hamsters and gerbils.

· 6mm wire spacing provides security for even the smallest furry friends
· Improved detachable design makes assembly easier and cleaning a breeze!
· Enhanced door locks offer easy access and added security

Regularly: $59.99
Introductory: $54.99

Expires November 4th, 2011 • No coupon needed to get sale price

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