Aug 232018

Stella & Chewey’s dehydrated is just one way to help. Rehydrated, it’s a flavorful and easy way to get essential water into your cat’s body.

You hear a lot of stories of older cats with kidney problems; kidney disease is the leading cause
of death in domestic cats. You may have experienced this in your own life with your own pets.
It’s a common problem for older cats, but it doesn’t have to be.
Cats are thought to have been domesticated from species living in western Asia
and northern Africa. Cats are, originally, desert creatures, and typically do not
have a big “thirst response”. While they do drink water, it’s usually not all that
their bodies need. They evolved to obtain most of their moisture from their
prey items. In the wild, rodents, lizards, and birds provide hydration,
supplemented by drinking free standing water. Now look at our domesticated
cats, keep indoors and feed a diet mostly of dry kibble. After all, we’ve always
heard that dry food keeps a cat’s teeth clean and canned food makes their teeth get weak. But it turns out a
lifetime of this diet can slowly dehydrate them, eventually leading to an older cat with those dangerous kidney
There are several things that you can do to help prevent these problems later in life . . . . read on

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