Jan 092014
New Years specials on small animal cages

Marchioro Cages Give your pet a safe, happy, and healthy home. The Tommy K line has a large hopper feeder, pet-safe epoxy coated wire top with two access doors, and a deep, easy-to-clean plastic base that helps keep the litter inside. #82     (32″ x 20″ x 15″)    $64.99  with Rabbit Essentials kit $107.98 […]

Jan 252012
Adorable baby rats

Our new babies are out on the floor! Check them out; we have some hooded and some dumbo rats (so cute), both males and females. Why do rats make such great pets? They are highly intelligent – they can easily learn their name and come when you call them, in addition to learning many other […]

Jan 252012
Care sheet - fancy rat

Fancy Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) Download and print the pdf version here. Adult Size – Males weigh from 300 – 550 grams. Females weigh from 250 – 450 grams. Their body length is around 7 inches. Life span – 2-4 years Male/female differences – Males are usually larger than females and they can be sexed by eyeing the […]

Oct 052011
Domestic Rat Care

Download the pdf version of the domestic rat care sheet. Adult Size Males weigh from 400 – 800 grams. Females weigh from 250 – 450 grams. Lifespan Rats range from 2-4 years. Male/Female Differences Males are usually a lot larger than females and they can be easily sexed. Compatibility Rats are social animals that live […]