Aug 302018
Caring for our exotic pets can be a bit of a challenge.

Exotic Nutrition specializes in exotic pet feeds, and cage accessories, and make it easy to meet the emotional and dietary requirements of our unusual pets.  Silent Runner Wheel –  Exercise is just as important to your exotic pet as it is for you, and the new Silent Runner wheel is a great way to provide it. This […]

Oct 302013
Newest product!

We have the BEST solution for those of you with guinea pigs or rabbits and hate all the dust from the hay: Oxbow’s Harvest Stacks! Oxbow Harvest Stacks use special compression technology to transform 100% all-natural, long-strand, hand-sorted Western Timothy hay into compact, convenient-to-feed portions which produce 80 percent less airborne dust than loose hay*. Feed […]

Feb 222013
New diets and supplements for your small pet!

We spend a lot of time in our emails talking about your cat and dog’s diet. As we should; it’s an important part of your pet’s life. Today we’re going to talk about the diets of rabbits and guinea pig’s diets, and introduce a few new product to help promote overall wellness. Rabbits and guinea pigs […]