Oct 302013

The seasons have changed, and with the mercury is dropping, we have to make some changes – longer shirts, pants, light jackets. We thought it was time to go over some tips for our pets, from the common sense to a few things you may never thought of (and not just for dogs, too). Dogs: […]

Nov 152012
Are you tired of a dirty turtle tank?

Is the thought of cleaning one putting off these great pets? Check out the Exo Terra Turtle canister filter! These small filters pack a lot of cleaning power, including pads to help reduce the smell of ammonia. Canister filters are much more powerful than hang-on-the-back style, since water is forced through all the filter media […]

May 172012
Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs

Our coolest new animal is the Waxy Monkey Tree Frog! These tree frogs are adorable with tons of personality. Unique among amphibians, these little guys actually come from the drier part of the jungle and love to sit up in the trees, right under the sun. They secrete a waxy substance to stop from drying out (hence […]

May 172012
Just in!

Baby corn snakes are easy to care for and one of the most popular pets. These beautifully colored snakes stay a good size, are docile, easy to handle and easy to care for. Drop by to find out more about caring for these great starter snakes. Stop by and these amazing creatures!

May 172012
Check them out!

Baby bearded dragons are one of our favorite reptiles! These hardy lizards have fantastic personalities and are the perfect starter reptile for all ages. Want to learn about their care? Stop by and talk with any of our well trained staff and check out our care sheet on bearded dragon care here.