Nov 102017
NEW: Poison dart frogs

These gorgeous amphibians live in the lush and warm tropical jungles, and their color is a warning to predators of their toxicity. We have three colors: Patricia Tinc arrow Giant orange Tinc (the ones pictured to the right) Oyapock Tinc arrow Interesting point: in captivity, they lose all of their poison and are completely safe (although […]

Nov 152012
Are you tired of a dirty turtle tank?

Is the thought of cleaning one putting off these great pets? Check out the Exo Terra Turtle canister filter! These small filters pack a lot of cleaning power, including pads to help reduce the smell of ammonia. Canister filters are much more powerful than hang-on-the-back style, since water is forced through all the filter media […]

Oct 162011
Tomato Frog Care

Adult Size Males 3 inches, females 5 inches Life Span Up to 10 years Male/Female Differences Females are larger and brighter in color than the males. Compatibility Tomato frogs are fairly compatible and can live in small groups. Beware of mixing them with small frogs, as these will be eaten. Origin Madagascar. Climate Humid areas […]