Jun 132019

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Jan 182019
One of the cutest and most unique pets we know.

Check out the adorable African pygmy hedgehogs! “The cutest things come in small packages” This certainly fits for hedgehogs! Behind those prickly defensive quills is a great little animal with a ton of personality. Hedgehogs are gaining in popularity, due to their gentle nature, ease of care, and, of course, their adorable faces! The African […]

Dec 192018
Our small pets bring so much love and joy into our lives, let's give some back!

Great tasting treats are perfect for both socializing and training your pet. Stuff their stockings with the best we have to offer! From hamsters and rats to guinea pigs and rabbits, our small animals can always use more things to chew on. Chewing is vital for them to help control the length of their teeth […]

Dec 172018
Gift list for the new and experienced reptile lover

Crested geckos: These adorable little lizards are a great start starter lizards since their requirements are fairly easy to meet. The come from what are called “cloud forests” on New Caledonia, cooler and humid subtropical environments, so they prefer it on the cooler side and very humid. They’re arboreal, preferring to spend their time in […]